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Thundercat @ The Crocodile, 10/7


Thundercat, Mono/Poly

Starting out the show, Los Angeles based music producer Charles Dickerson (Mono/Poly), provided a twist of hip-hop and bass-heavy chill tunes that immediately electrified the night. With remixes and original tracks, Charles delivered a unique set list that expertly epitomized West Coast vibes. The trippy beats and funky samples linked via smooth and deliberate transitions have come to define the signature style of subtle unpredictability so expertly crafted by Mono/Poly. The performance was a perfect prequel for what was to come.

Speaking of smooth, nothing quite compares to the seamless soul-fusion that is Thundercat. Stephen Bruner’s stunning jazz riffs and bass articulation characterize a self-apparent style beyond the typical realm of music. While the crowd was thrilled to witness and ready to respect the thoughtful, musical musings of Thundercat, his charismatic interludes regarding his last time in Seattle using recreational drugs showed Stephen Bruner’s humorous side and how he relates to his created persona. From tracks off his recently released, “The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam,” Thundercat presented his progression of musical talent and transcendent style with the support of his capable backing band, making for an unforgettable evening. 

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