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Chastity Belt, Lemolo, & Iji @ Nectar Lounge, 2/14/16

This years' Valentines Day show at Nectar Lounge in Fremont proved to be a particularly special evening to all the lovers' ears in the sold out crowd. With a loaded line-up featuring local favorites Iji, Lemolo and Chastity Belt, it was destined this would be an absolutely great show in one of Seattle's most welcoming venue settings. 

Opening band Iji, fronted by Zach Burba, delivered catchy, upbeat indie rock to warm the audience up. Songs like "To Figure Out The Party" infused the chilly evening with a distinct sense of summertime, loosening the crowd. Iji created an especially danceable moment when the band covered "Love Rollercoaster" by the Ohio Players. 

The next act, Lemolo, brought some serious dream-pop vibes to the party, with lead singer Meagan Grandall displaying her incredible musical versatility through her wide vocal range, pointed guitar riffs and expertly layered keyboard effects. Songs like 'Low Halo' and 'Letters' mesmerized the crowd with soothing melody. Drummer Adrian Centoni provided a perfect compliment, sometimes subtle and laid-back on the beat, sometimes forceful and driving. Performing in the wake of their most recent and highly praised release "Red Right Return", the crowd hung on every note.

And then, donning clothing that looked straight out of an early 90s Nickelodeon time-capsule, the headlining band Chastity Belt consistently captivated and charmed the sold out Fremont crowd with their signature style of raw, gritty, upbeat and fun indie rock. With proven jams like "Time To Go Home" and "Cool Slut", Julia Shapiro delivered a flawless vocal performance intermingled with some crispy guitar work. In their own way, Chastity Belt's goofy demeanor coupled with competent musicianship made for a warm, pleasant, and impressive Valentine's Day show.


Eric Luck

Eric Luck, 2016

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