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"Ghosts", by Kathleen Parrish

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Seattle's own multi-talented artist, Kathleen Parrish. Among a multitude of topics, we discussed her deeply personal sources of inspiration as well as the inherent struggle in finding "your sound" amongst a barrage of classical training, aspirational influences,  and the personal progression of taste. By her own admission, music thus far for Kathleen as been a delicate and sometimes difficult balancing act of the aforementioned forces. However, it is absolutely undeniable that her most recent single "Ghosts", is an edgy and bold step forward for the musician. An excellent offering as a single, punchy guitar followed by driving vocals alternate the role of pushing the melody onward. Compared side-by-side to tracks off her debut release "Veins", (an impressive freshman album in its' own right), "Ghosts" proves to be a clear maturation of both sound and style for Kathleen. Suffice it to say, I am anxiously awaiting what's next. 


Lacey Henderson

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