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Capitol Hill Block Party, Porter Novelli, and the Seattle Office of Film + Music + Special Events Present: #CHBP2016 Panel Series


Panel #1: “Pay Attention to My Band!... Please?”

Seattle boasts hundreds and hundreds of great music artists, all of them vying for attention from local press, bookers, and other influencers. Long known for its role in helping emerging local artists on their way to national acclaim – from Fleet Foxes to Macklemore to Odesza – we’ve assembled a panel of experts to help Seattle musicians learn strategies to increase their chances of breaking through the clutter and getting noticed.

1 p.m. @ Grim’s:

Moderator: Matt Ashworth, Porter Novelli, CHBP, –


Panel #2: “How to Make a Living as a Musician in Seattle” 

Competing forces are working against Seattle residents trying to make a living at music. There’s the increasingly complex music industry, where retail revenues are falling and digital music services are struggling to develop viable payment models… and the changing face of Seattle, where growth is leading to a higher cost of living. This panel, moderated by Kate Becker, Director of the Seattle Office of Film + Music + Special Eventsseeks to answer the question “How, then, does one make a living as a musician in Seattle?” Kate will be joined by several local musicians who’ve figured out how to make a career in music… on their own terms.

2 p.m. @ Grim’s:

Moderator: Kate Becker, Seattle Office of Film + Music + Special Events –



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