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Acid Tongue @ Trading Musician 10/9/2015

In the early evening of Friday, October 9th, as the surrounding shops in the Northwest corner of University District were turning their "Open" signs over and preparing to  lock the doors for the night, a small crowd anxiously filed into the upstairs showroom of the Trading Musician instrument store. The attendees shuffled in ever closer between stacks of drums, shelves of tambourines and other percussion items, to form a half-circle around the makeshift "stage" area where four young men stood, instruments at the ready. A chord was struck and the sleepy quiet of twilight was shattered. With fuzz-laden riffs and driving, yet catchy chord progressions, Acid Tongue boldly kicked the door in on the weekend and dove headfirst into a high-energy extended set. Looking around, no one hesitated to follow, and we did so with smiles on our faces. 

Lacey Chastain

Photos by Jake Hanson @

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