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SEOUL @ the Vera Project, 9/20


Local indie pop band CAARGO kicked off the night and got the crowd moving with a vibrant, dancey performance. Playing tracks off their recently released self-titled EP, the bands’ dreamy beats and sweetly romantic lyrics showcased the blissful collection of songs, reminiscent of the beautiful simplicity of youth. The Vera crowd warmly welcomed this new edition to the Seattle synth-pop scene, letting their bodies give way to the sway of the chilled out tunes.
Having come from Montreal, SEOUL was off to a rocky start even before their performance began. In addition to encountering technical audio issues during prep, they stated they had had a “weird day” owing to a conundrum they had encountered getting across the American border. But their late arrival was much welcomed and had only served to heighten the anticipation. Once they got rolling and found their groove, the result was a commendable performance. The song selection for the night included moments of tranquility that gave way to soaring melodies, conveying playful elements of uncertainty. Calm tones and driving rhythms interplayed to liven up the progression of the show. As it drew to a close, SEOUL’s melodic and mellow vibes ushered a gentle end to the Sunday night show, but put forth a powerful pulse to kick start their long tour across America. 

Oscar Witron, 2015

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