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Moon Duo @ Chop Suey, 9/18

Moon Duo, Kinski, Shitty Person

The night started with rolling-out-of-bedders Shitty Person. With all members taking the stage clad in bathrobes, Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy’s solo-project debut at first glance, suggested an ambience of leisure and apathy. However, with smashing riffs and head banging inflection, the ensuing performance quickly shattered any preconceptions their appearances may have implied. Much like his work in Lesbian, Thomas-Kennedy successfully combined metal inspired melodies with steadfast blues rhythm, rallying the audience and setting the tone for what would follow.
Bringing back the 90s punk flare, Kinski’s appearance was a reminder of genuine Seattle rock. Though it may be a post-grunge longing, it was for all appearances welcomed and embraced as the audience grooved to the fast paced instrumental punk rock. From the lead guitarist playing a flute in the beginning of the show, to the dazzling bass pumps of Lucy Atkinson, Kinski gave an eclectic and vibrant performance. Chop Suey was certainly an encouraging host that night, inviting Kinski to remind the audience of the Seattle sound that has been so revered but also almost forgotten, as the local scene has become pigeonholed into a generational relevance.
From Wooden Shjips, Ripley Johnson’s side project, Moon Duo, flawlessly transitioned into a dark, industrial, and thrilling resonance. The band’s newly released album, “Shadow of the Sun,” is a whirling yet poised complexity of sharp synths and precise, repetitive drumming while expertly blending the San Franciscan punk spark.  Each of their innovative songs at once presented disorder, yet consistently insinuated the perseverance of rhythm and humanity. With sampled narratives of outer space weaved throughout their songs, Moon Duo turned out to be a truly otherworldly experience. 


Oscar Witron, 2015

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